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02457 - JConcepts - 1/4" hex driver set, 7pc-Blue

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Multi-use tools are very important and being able to simplify the toolbox goes a long way in being prepared and lightweight during travel. JConcepts releases a wrench set contained in a slim unit with a 7-piece assortment of magnetic tip attachments. One blue anodized handle with grippy sliver highlighting, injection molded endcap inscribed with JC for authenticity. The slight “football” shaped handle has some classic JConcepts “Fin” machined details and teardrop milling sections combining appearance and functionality. 

The design of the speed tips is unique, featuring spring steel adaptors on the hex wrenches and steel machined tips with titanium nitrate coating. The hex wrenches come in the popular sizes such as 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5 and feature a ball-end version of the 2.0 and 2.5 for those tough to reach locations or tricky angle applications.  The nut driver tips are entirely 1 piece spring steel units in the useful 5.5 and 7.0mm sizes to fit a huge variety of applications.

Each wrench tip is laser etched with tool size and logo for identification. A bonus with the wrench set is the injection molded storage base for vertical pit bench storage to keep each size handy and available when needed. A simple pull of the required tool off the holder can be performed in seconds and placed into the handle where the magnet takes a hold of the steel and snaps into place. The entire assembly fits into a translucent storage case with pre-cut hard density foam to protect handle and tool caddy. 

The small footprint of the design is accomplished with low-slung aluminum, spring steel construction, quick use magnetic attraction with nifty base and storage box. As always, JConcepts is backed with customer support and racing heritage.


JConcepts design and function
Low-slung aluminum with blue anodized light-weight handle
Spring Steel adaptors with titanium nitrate coated tips
Nut drivers constructed entirely of spring steel
Magnetic attachment for quick access
Injection molded storage base and handle endcap
Translucent case with high-density foam
Toolbox jewelry 

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