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108970 - ALU SET-UP WHEEL FOR 1/10 OFF-ROAD (4)

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Unique hexagon style aluminum set-up wheels for 1/10 off-road simulate the different sizes of 1/10 off-road tires. Each type of tire – carpet, astro, dirt or foam can have a different diameter and these set-up wheels have multiple heights to match the style of tire being used.

Suspension set-up, ride height adjustment and checking tweak using standard rubber tires that are not perfectly round can result in inconsistent measurements. When checking and setting up suspension geometry, it is important to eliminate as many variables as possible and have all four corners of the vehicle positioned at the desired height each time. The alu set-up wheels are one of the most important and basic set-up tools when performing a professional car adjustment.

The 1/10 off-road set-up wheels allow for precise and repeatable set-up adjustments and tweak correction, eliminating set-up errors that can occur when using standard off-road tires during measurements. Precision-machined to exacting tolerances, each alu wheel in a set is perfectly matched.

Fits all standard 2WD and 4WD off-road cars 1/10.

CNC-machined from premium-quality aluminum, black coated and laser engraved.

#108970 Alu Set-Up Wheel for 1/10 Off-Road (4)

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