2020022 - 3-Channel Receiver "R3FS SVC" 2.4 GHz

3-channel receiver with "S"mart "V"ehicle "C"ontrol, for a perfect controlled and stable drive.

Enjoy the full potential of your RC car on any surface. Responsible is the gyro technology which is installed in the receiver – adjustable from 0 – 100%

v 3-channel receiver

v System: 2.4GHz A.F.H.D.S.

v "Fail Save" function

v Voltage: 4.0 - 6.5V DC

v Dimension: 35x21x12mm

v Weight: 10g

Fits for following radios: CR2S; CR3P; CR4T( ) for CR4T "ultimate" please use item number 2020021