Fits – 1/10th off-road buggy

Water-resistant fabric keeps gear protected


Travel and organization is a large part of racing and any competition. For years, drivers have asked for a tote bag capable of carrying buggies to and from the track. Alas, JConcepts has delivered on the tidy pit option. Important to the seasoned driver and relative newcomer, the drawstring bag has a handy base design with durable material. The bag is comprised of multiple compartments with the largest area being reserved for RC vehicle resting space. 

Inside the large opening is a divider which allows the user to separate items, such as instruction manuals, setup books or generally small related items, from the vehicle compartment. On the outside, a zipper closure opens to another slide compartment that can be completely isolated from other items. Large gauge drawstrings are located on the perimeter which when pulled together clinches the bag at the top. 

Heavy stitching is used throughout to help maintain construction and the main material offers some resistance to moisture in select closed areas. Small holes are located at the bottom of the outside pouch for ventilation. The bag is topped off with printed JConcepts Racing Team logo for authenticity and brand loyalty. 

Organization is the key, get it together with JConcepts. 

Usage – 

Insert the 1/10th vehicle inside the main compartment on the bag. Pull drawstrings to close the opening to surround the vehicle or items placed inside. Once ready to remove the vehicle, pull the top opening releasing the clinch and the items are visible and ready to go. 



  • Water-resistant fabric keeps gear protected
  • Bottom panel offers ventilation
  • Top zipper for easy access to thin pocket or small items
  • Interior divider, helps separate items from vehicle
  • Convenient drawstring closure