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2020 All-new Features.
- All-new chassis with bent sides for improved weight balance and maximum stability
- All-new side guards to fit the new chassis and the integrated adjustable battery holder
- All-new graphite side guard braces with redesigned shape for more stability and improved predictability
- All-new tweak-free battery holder for fast battery position adjustment and no negative effects on chassis flex or traction
- All-new super-narrow ultra-low CG gearboxes with quick & easy diff access
- All-new LCG Gear Box available in Front version (Carpet edition) and Rear version (Dirt edition)
- All-new diff height adjustment in 6 different settings
- All-new super narrow ball-differential with refined internal parts for smoother operation and increased traction (Dirt edition)
- All-new super narrow extra-large volume gear differential for improved consistency (Carpet edition)
- Longer rear drive shafts to accommodate the new suspension geometry
- Redesigned lightweight motor mount fits either gearbox design and diff cover
- All-new redesigned motor brace mounted via pivot ball ensures side flex for increased traction


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The new chassis features bent sides for improved weight balance and increased traction with maximum stability of the car. The rear part of the chassis is narrower.

After extensive testing of 25 different chassis designs, the final concept was selected for its flex characteristics and layout to produce the best balance of traction and stability.

CNC-machined from high-quality 2.5mm Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum, the lightweight chassis retains the necessary strength and rigidity, and is black coated at XRAY’s own in-house fully robotic coating line.

The new chassis is universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.


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Side Guards.
All-new side guards integrate with the bent chassis and incorporate the new adjustable battery holder system.

The tough composite side guards use double-sided Velcro™ tape to seal the body perfectly to the chassis and seal against dirt.

The side guards are universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.


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Side Guard Braces.
All-new graphite side guard braces with redesigned shape make the front of the car more stable and more predictable. With the multiple mounting positions there are three flex settings available.

Soft setting – more aggressive front of the car

Medium setting – setting in between

Stiff setting - more precise handling of the car

The side guard braces are universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.


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Battery Holder.
All-new tweak-free fully adjustable battery holder is integrated into the side guards allowing easy and fast battery position adjustments, as well as simple battery installation through the smart quick-release system.

The battery pack can be easily moved front/rear to adjust the balance of the car. When the rear motor brace is removed, the battery pack can be moved completely rearward to maximize the rear weight bias and generate extra traction on the rear suspension.

The height of the battery backstop is also adjustable for different battery sizes.

The battery holder is mounted to the chassis through one connecting screw on each side brace to eliminate any negative effects on chassis flex.

The battery holder is universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.


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Gear Box.
All-new super-narrow, ultra-low CG gear box (LCG) features quick & easy diff access. The new narrower design of the gear box reduces weight and moves all parts closer to the chassis centerline.

Longer gear box – for front motor position - keeps more weight over the front axle for improved steering and corner speed on high grip surfaces. Included in the Carpet edition.

Shorter gear box – for rear motor position - improves traction on low grip surfaces by moving the weight of the motor and top shaft closer to the rear axle. Included in the Dirt edition.


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Diff Height Adjustment.
The gear box features a new differential height adjustment. There are 6 height adjustment positions available using the included eccentric bushings. The ideal position will vary depending on the track conditions, ride height and the size of the tires used.


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Easy Diff Access.
The completely redesigned gear box features super easy access to the differential. Now both Gear boxes for Dirt and Carpet edition have the super easy diff access by removing only 6 screws.

The gear box incorporates all the finest details and craftsmanship. All parts fit together perfectly, and the super-easy access to the rear differential will be appreciated by every racer. The durable gear box houses the differential with all the transmission components, and serves as the mounting point for the rear roll center holder, motor plate, and rear shock tower.


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Motor Mount Brace.
All-new redesigned motor mount brace ensures optimum flex via a pivot ball mount that ensures side flex for increased traction.

The design of the car also allows removal of the motor mount brace to increase flex and to move the battery pack further to the rear to position more weight over the rear axles for improved rear traction.

The motor mount brace is universal for both Dirt and Carpet edition.


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Ball Differential.
The updated ball differential was refined and redesigned for the new transmission dimensions. The narrower design accommodates the narrow gear box and all the details were improved to make the differential smoother to increase traction.

The redesigned XB2 ball differential offers improved performance, durability, and easier maintenance. The externally adjustable ball differential is machined from HUDY Spring Steel™ and is additionally hardened for extra durability and a longer lifespan. A high-quality carbide thrust bearing and carbide balls are included for ultra-smooth operation. Includes outdrive adapters designed for use with drive shafts with 2.5mm pin.

The ball differential is suggested for all types of dirt tracks and for bumpy Astro tracks and is included in the Dirt edition only


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  • Modello: 320008
  • Peso spedizione: 3kg.
  • 1 disponibilità in magazzino
  • Prodotto da: X-Ray
  • Prodotto inserito in catalogo il 13 novembre 2019.

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