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170005 - Socket Driver 5.0mm & 5.5mm

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This lightweight, compact duraluminum tool is a very versatile and unique tool, and is bound to be a one of the most valuable tools in your toolbox. The 5.0mm socket fits M2.5 nuts and the 5.5mm socket fits M3 nuts.


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The 5.0mm socket is the best tool for tightening/loosening M2.5 nuts from off-road shock pistons. The 5.5mm socket is the best tool for tightening/loosening M3 nuts, such as those on the following: M3 nuts that secure off-road shocks to shock towers, M3 nuts that connect camber linkages with C-hubs and uprights, rear arm with upright, and steering linkages with Ackermann plate. Also used for mounting a touring car bodyshell rear wing.


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