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HW30408011 - Xerun Justock 17.5 Turn G2.1 Motor Sensored 2450kV for 1:10

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The next stage in the development of the Justock motor series offers a refined and functional design compared to the G1 and G2 motors. As a G2.1 engine, it is defined primarily by its ease of disassembly to make repairs and replace parts. Thanks to its special appearance, too much heat is optimally prevented and the three soldering tabs made of copper facilitate the connection of the regulator immensely.

Features Motor:

Heat-resistant magnet and double insulated windings
Precision bearings
Cool look and good heat-dissipation
Linear and smooth control
Re-buildable design
Technical Specifications Motor:

Typ: Brushless / Sensor
Pole: 2
KV Rating: 2450KV
Windings: 17.5T
LiPo Cells: 2-3s
No load Cutrrent: 3.5A
Outer Diameter: 35.9mm
Length: 52.5mm
Shaft Diameter:  3.17mm
Weight: 176g
Timing: Fixed
Applications: 1/10, 1/12 Touring Car und Buggy (Stock Class)

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