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During the 2003 IFMAR World Championships, JConcepts started an R/C body revolution with the prototype Illuzion body. The hard chamfered edges, the Illuzionized cab and dual side window treatment were all very trendy and have since been sampled by just about every manufacturer in the industry. These styling tidbits showed a new direction and throughout the years, the Illuzion was just as successful on the track with World Championship victories throughout the early 2000’s. 

The Illuzion is back and fitted for the most popular 1/10th buggy on the market, the Team Associated B6 B6D. Due to the demand of racers looking to flash back to a more rearward cab design, the Illuzion provides racers that comfy feeling of what a buggy looked and performed like during that generation. The Illuzion body comes complete with decal sheet, window mask and includes two, Aero rear wings. 


About the Illuzion –

The Illuzion features hard edge side-pod styling with runners on the sides designed to move the air more efficiently to the wing. The roof of the body has been dramatically wedged and Illuzionized for that aggressive look. The front of the body has less of a transition from hood to window which gives it a more dramatic look. Jason Ruona qualified fifth at the 2003 IFMAR World Championships with the prototype Illuzion style body. Ryan Cavalieri drove the Illuzion to TQ during the 2005 IFMAR World Championships while Hayato Matsuzaki won the 2007 IFMAR World Championships with the Illuzion style body. 



  • Original - JConcepts Illuzion design 
  • Drop-fit for the B6 B6D vehicles
  • Blended wing / body design 
  • Includes two Aero rear wings
  • Clear polycarbonate with protective film 
  • Window masks and decal sheet
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