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fits – 190mm touring chassis

Two rear wing options included with side-dams
3mm wing mounting hardware with plastic light-weight nuts

JConcepts A-One decal sheet with window mask


JConcepts enters the touring car racing genre with the new A-One body. Designed and developed to compete amongst the elite, the new body incorporates the latest benefits of computer aided design with experience, patience and championship level results. The JConcepts team, together with Paul Wynn and Jason Ruona, have a lot of track-time in the on-road racing game and high-expectations for performance. 

Weight is always a huge concern and the A-One body hits the scales very lightly with its trim design and feathery materials. The ROAR approved design pushes the limits in every dimension while utilizing a crafty chin spoiler, rolled wheel wells, heavy recessed grille, lights and a position savvy windshield angle. The B-pillar splits the windows like a knife and the dome shaped roof provides just enough height to meet those technical standards. 

Just behind the rear window, the rear deck lid is cropped and the wing stanchions are blended into the body for stability and function. The rear bumper treatment adds length to the rear fenders and a cut-line in the back of the body promotes an air-escape passage for the most high-speed circuits. Along the side panels, a hard body line transitions from front to back with an increased angle joining the front and rear wheel openings. This detail allows the A-One body to maintain strength in a high-impact, high-force area during hard cornering and small impacts with other vehicles. 

Included in each body set, a JConcepts A-One decal sheet and paint mask for all windows. The rear wing option includes two styles, first a standard lip design and a gurney option for the ultimate rear down force tuning. To attach the rear wing, 3mm mounting hardware and plastic nuts are included to complete the light-weight assembly. As always, each body set is backed with JConcepts customer support and racing heritage. 

Race, testing and event history -

Several versions of the A-One hit the track in the summer of 2017 with final testing performed with Felix Law at Village Raceway in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. The all orange colored body took to the track on a hot day and proved fast and competitive very quickly. After some tweaks in the pit area utilizing rear wing options and body mounting position, Felix was on a tear on the asphalt surface with the new A-One. JConcepts anti-tuck devices were added as options to the Light-Weight body to ensure proper high-speed stability. 

ROAR approval was complete in September of 2017.  Paul Wynn’s classic paint scheme was painted by Kustom R/C Graphics for promotional materials and event plans were made for a debut event at the FSEARA Series in Florida. 

Specifications – 

The A-One body is built for all 190mm width touring car vehicles. Standard thickness is most comparable to all sturdy racing bodies on the market. Light-weight is a thinner gauge material, most often used on the world racing scene for the most experienced or weight-conscious racers. Wheel well openings are pre-marked on the clear body (253.5mm), however, depending on the length of the vehicle, these may be altered slightly by the user. The rear wings are 180mm wide each with one featuring a slight gurney for added rear grip. The body currently fits into all ROAR specifications and is legal for use in sanctioned events. 



·         JConcepts, A-One design fit and function

·         Front extended chin spoiler, rolled wheel wells. 

·         B-pillar window split, dome roof for low ride-height

·         Cropped rear deck with blended wing stanchions 

·         Two rear wing options included with side-dams

·         3mm wing mounting hardware with plastic light-weight nuts

·         JConcepts A-One decal sheet with window mask


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