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363113-G - Composite Long Suspension Arm Rear Lower Right - Graphite

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Completely redesigned rear long suspension arm is 2mm longer, which helps to generate more grip in low traction conditions and improves stability on higher traction surfaces and improves handling on bumpy tracks.

Made from super-tough, high-tech graphite material gives a perfect balance between reliability and performance. The suspension arm is rigid enough for a responsive feel and extreme durability.

This GRAPHITE arm is suitable for most track conditions, especially medium- and high-traction tracks.

Intelligent arm design allows for variable positioning of the rear shocks. Depending on track conditions, the rear shocks can be installed either in front of or behind the rear shock tower, and the rear shock tower can be placed either in front of or behind the bulkhead.

For use with matching #363123-G lower left arm.

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